Technology, competition, sourcing and regulations are always rapidly impacting your business. With advanced materials testing, we help you stay ahead of the competition. 

At MES, we understand your manufacturing challenges. Getting to market is never easy, but with the right help, that transition can be easier. Our experienced engineers are here to help you along the journey from verification testing of your materials in the research and development phase to analyzing component suitability. 

When problems occur in your manufacturing process, we have the depth to determine the root cause of failure and the know-how for mitigating it in the future. This knowledge can even be applied throughout your supply chain, giving you the assurance that your requirements are being satisfied. Additionally, when you encounter problems with your suppliers that cannot be easily resolved, we have the background and experience to deliver the technical litigation support that you need. 

Testing Capabilities: 

  • Chemical analysis can help you verify your materials meet specification, if they will meet industry regulations, and stand up to environmental conditions. Moreover, the analysis is a vital tool for letting you know if any contamination is present. 为此目的, we are able to test the following materials: metals, 塑料, 聚合物, powdered metals, 矿石, 铁合金, composites and ceramics. 

  • Mechanical testing helps demonstrate your components will physically perform under operational stresses and abuse. This testing is insightful if you are wanting to see how your material bends, the amount strength it has, how well it moves on surfaces, how it wears, how it reacts to environmental conditions, or withstands drops and impacts. 

  • Metallurgical testing provides micro-structure verification and insight when materials or components fail or break. It allows you to understand what happened and how to stop it from occurring again. Additionally, this analysis could be used for warranty claims or in legal disputes. Common failures or breaks that happen in isolation or in combination, can include corrosion, ductile fracture, brittle fracture, hydrogen embrittlement, 金属蠕变, and stress corrosion cracking. 

  • Corrosion testing determines how your components and parts will perform when exposed to environmental conditions that may cause them to corrode. The rate of corrosion can be accelerated with salt or acid exposure to compare materials or material combinations. Corrosion testing labs are able to analyze the results in a controlled environment and at an accelerated rate, which saves you time.

  • Weld inspections may be used to 1) verify your welding is done to specification and code, 2) ensure that your welder is properly certified to perform the required welds, and 3) qualify a change to your weld procedure. Certifying your welders and procedures helps ensure overall quality and creates trace-ability for your clients.

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